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Boxing News releases British Ratings for 2015


So how was 2015 for you?

The latest issue of esteemed fight magazine, Boxing News (Jan 7 2016) has its updated, end-of-year, British Ratings and there’s a healthy contingent of regional fighters within all bar two divisions (no middleweight or featherweight ranked fighters).

Fighting Chance fighters head up the two main divisions with Jone TK ranked 21 in the heavyweights and Jon-Lewis Dickinson ranked 7 in the cruiserweight class; both divisions have two further fighters keeping them company with TK joined by Tyneside duo Michael Dixon (33) and James Barnes (35). whilst Dickinson sees Sunderland’s Warren Baister (39) and fellow Fighting Chance fighter Paul O’Hagan (45) just about holding their own.

Light Heavyweight and Super Middleweight has good regional representatives with four apiece, the former consisting of Jonson McClumpha (10), Sam Best (34), Scott Westgarth (37) and Steve Cooper (49) all holding a top 50 spot; whilst the latter sees Andrew Buchanan (25), Jordan King (28), Richard O’Neill (54) and Danny Wall (57) included.

There’ll be confusion with the ratings however as Fighting Chance duo of Paul O’Hagan (inactive) and Andrew Buchanan (retired) have not appeared for some time. O’Hagan had his first bout in sixteen months (February) against Tony Cruise and was stopped in the third round whilst nursing injuries, and Buchanan, who retired towards the end of the year for medical reasons, has not fought since February’s six round win over Mark Till. There is also no light heavyweight placing for the recently retired Travis Dickinson.

The Super Welterweight and Super Lightweight divisions also hold three regional fighters apiece with low placings for Lewis Scott (41), Basi Razaq (79) and Billy Snaith (99) in the former, Snaith however has only recently made his professional debut so expect that to change somewhat this year; and Anthony Hardy (36) sandwiched between the Saunders brothers, Bradley (9) and Jeff (45) in the latter.

As with O’Hagan and Buchanan in the higher divisions there’ll be confusion surrounding the placement of Sedgefield’s Jeff Saunders. Most outlets are still registering him has having had four fights when he has inn fact had five, and won all five, with his last being an impressive four round success in South Africa against Willis Baloyi.

The welterweight division is the busiest with eight fighters currently battling it out, three of whom hold a top 35 slot in Glenn Foot (7), Lee Mould (22) and Robert Dixon (23). Outside of the top 50 there is the upcoming Area title clash duo of Tom Whitfield (68) and Daniel Cope (69) as well as the recently-returned Gary Fox (52), Sunderland’s Isaac MacLeod (65) and Cope’s stable-mate, Liam Cammock (88).

With no Featherweights in the regional the lighter weight classes still has a good body of fighters although Mark White (44, Super Featherweight), Stuart Hall (4, Bantamweight) and Anthony Nelson (4, Super Flyweight) are presently lone soldiers.

In the Lightweight division there are five fighters fronted by Teesside’s Cameroon Olympian, Abdon Cesar (26) alongside tough duo and fellow Area title combatants John Green (30) and Peter Cope (31), other fighters ranked in the division include Lewis Ritson (37) and Jordan Ellison (81).

The final two divisions sees the Ward’s, Martin (5) and Tommy (8) holding court in the Super Bantamweight, joined by Paul Gidney (23) and the lightest division, the Flyweight’s, has Thomas Essomba (5) and Gary Reeve (14).

Neil Hepper


Born: 06.03.1988 (age 29); Darlington, County Durham

Division: Super Lightweight

Record: 9 – 4

Manager: Steve Wraith

Sponsors: Boxfit Health ClubBoss EmbroideryDL Sports Therapy – 3D Strength

Appearances (as of August 2017)

17/09/2010 vs Matt Seawright Won PTS4 (40-36)                                Dolphin Centre, Darlington

12/12/2010 vs Damien Turner Won PTS6 (60-53)                             Rainton Meadows, Houghton-le-Spring

18/09/2011 vs Graham Fearn Won PTS4 (40-36)                           Rainton Meadows, Houghton-le-Spring

25/03/2012 vs Gary Fox Lost PTS6 (57-58)                                           Borough Hall, Hartlepool

30/09/2012 vs Gary Fox Lost TKO5 (1:50) Northern Area                       Borough Hall, Hartlepool

16/11/2012 vs Arturas Zbarauskas Won PTS4 (40-36)                         Dolphin Centre, Darlington

15/09/2013 vs Youseff Al Hamidi Won PTS4 (40-36)                    Northern Echo Arena, Darlington

05/10/2013 vs Luke Campbell Lost TKO1 (1:59)                                        O2 Arena (Millenium Dome), London

23/05/2014 vs Graham Fearn Won PTS4 (40-36)                             Dolphin Centre, Darlington

29/11/2014 vs. Kevin Hooper Lost PTS6 (56-60)                         Doncaster Dome, Doncaster

25/09/2016 vs. Alec Bazza Won PTS4 (40-36)                                               St. James Park, Newcastle

26/11/2016 vs. Michael Mooney Won PTS4 (40-37)                               Dolphin Centre, Darlington

22/04/2017 vs. Michal Vosyka Won PTS4 (40-36)                                     Hardwick Hall, Sedgefield