Scott Westgarth 1986 – 2018: A Personal Tribute


I’ve known Scott Westgarth for nearly five years with myself being a sports & music journalist and he a professional boxer, originally from the north-east.

However, as February 2018 comes to an end the boxing world woke to the news that, at the age of just 31, Scott had passed away, no age really.

Scott had so much to offer still in the boxing world, I know, I’d interviewed him plenty over the past few years, and his winning on Saturday night would have meant my doing his PR for him permanently as well…

We’d talked about his dream of winning the British light heavyweight title but how he’d only given himself a limited time-frame due to his age – now we’ll never know his full potential.

John Westgarth, Scott’s father, is a well known figure in their native Newcastle, he having forged a pro boxing career of his own and fought Glenn McCrory at one point, we can only begin to imagine what the family are going through.


Anyway, one thing that is a shame is that Scott never got to fought as a professional in his native north-east.

When he was up for the Hardwick Hall show in April last year talk was fresh about the possibility of Scott challenging for the Northern Area title, we had a good laugh, made plans for going forward.

He got a shot at the English though, Scott having enjoyed a ten round eliminator against Dec Spelman in Doncaster at the weekend.

It was to be a fight that Scott won ensuring he’d challenge for the English light heavyweight title (against the winner of Liam Conroy and Miles Shinkwin), unfortunately it was to be his last though for, as events unfolded at the Dome, Scott went and made himself immortal.

His family will, without question, be devastated, the SBC Unit and the boxing family will be in a state of shock, and I’m not afraid to admit that I have shed a few tears at the loss of a good friend.

See you around Scott, and thank you x

Peter Mann Media & PR

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Scott Westgarth 7-2-1(2) 1986 -2018