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Jeff Saunders


Born – 12 September 1991, County Durham

Division – Super Lightweight

Record – 7-0 (5)

Manager – Steve Wraith

Social Media – Facebook    Twitter

Sponsors – ESRG Group

Honours – 2013 Elite ABA Champion

Army Boxing Team

Appearances (as of August 2016)

04/04/2015 vs. Sandor Racz Won TKO1 (2:20)

Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

01/05/2015 vs. Ivailo Boyanov Won TKO1 (1:39)

Lancastrian Suite, Dunston

18/07/2015 vs. Istvan Kiss Won TKO1 (15secs)

Manchester Arena, Manchester

17/10/2015 vs. Sylwester Walczak Won TKO1  (49secs)

Lancastrian Suite, Dunston

06/11/2015 vs. Willis Baloyi Won PTS4 (40-36)

Johannesburg, South Africa

18/03/2016 vs. Zoltan Turai Won TKO2 (2:51)

Lancastrian Suite, Dunston

16/04/2016 vs. Mark McKray Won PTS6 (60-54)

First Direct Arena, Leeds

Carl Wilson


Born: – 15 January 1985, Darlington, County Durham

Division:- Cruiserweight / Light Heavyweight

Record:- 3-5-1 (2)

Manager:- Steve Wraith

Social Media:- Facebook

Sponsors:- 3 D Strength & Conditioning, Wayne Russell Painting & Decorating Services

Record (as of June 2016)

21/03/2010 vs. David Howe Lost TKO1 (85 secs)

Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield

20/05/2010 vs. China Clarke Lost PTS6 (60-55)

Banqueting Suite, Elland Road, Leeds

17/09/2010 vs. Ray Hines Lost TKO2

Dolphin Centre, Darlington

20/02/2011 vs. Paul Morris Lost TKO2 (34 secs)

Preston, Lancashire

30/04/2011 vs. Issrar Asif Won TKO2 (60 secs)

Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield

07/10/2011 vs. Aaron Taylor Won DQ3 (92 secs)

(Taylor disqualified following two previous warnings during the contest, and his second warning for throwing punches after boxers were instructed to break)

City Hall, Hull

06/12/2011 vs. Zahid Kahut Won TKO4 (60 secs)

Thornbury, Bradford

25/02/2012 vs. Martyn Grainger Lost KO5 (160 secs)

(Ten round contest for the International Masters belt)

Oldham Sports Centre, Oldham

23/05/2014 vs. Igoris Borucha Drew PTS4 (38-38)

Dolphin Centre, Darlington


Neil Hepper


Born: 06.03.1988 (age 27); Darlington, County Durham

Division: Super Lightweight

Record: 6 – 4

Manager: Steve Wraith

Sponsors: Boxfit Health ClubBoss EmbroideryDL Sports Therapy – 3D Strength

Appearances (as of end 2015)

17/09/2010 vs Matt Seawright Won PTS4 (40-36)                                Dolphin Centre, Darlington

12/12/2010 vs Damien Turner Won PTS6 (60-53)                             Rainton Meadows, Houghton-le-Spring

18/09/2011 vs Graham Fearn Won PTS4 (40-36)                           Rainton Meadows, Houghton-le-Spring

25/03/2012 vs Gary Fox Lost PTS6 (57-58)                                           Borough Hall, Hartlepool

30/09/2012 vs Gary Fox Lost TKO5 (1:50) Northern Area                       Borough Hall, Hartlepool

16/11/2012 vs Arturas Zbarauskas Won PTS4 (40-36)                         Dolphin Centre, Darlington

15/09/2013 vs Youseff Al Hamidi Won PTS4 (40-36)                    Northern Echo Arena, Darlington

05/10/2013 vs Luke Campbell Lost TKO1 (1:59)                                        O2 Arena (Millenium Dome), London

23/05/2014 vs Graham Fearn Won PTS4 (40-36)                             Dolphin Centre, Darlington

29/11/2014 vs. Kevin Hooper Lost PTS6 (56-60)                         Doncaster Dome, Doncaster